Top 10 best artworks of the 21st century

Graffiti through their colour and pattern seduce people all over the world. Thus, some of them are classified among the best. Indeed, several classification criteria exist, but they all lead to a good appreciation of these works. Let's talk about them then for a better knowledge.

Let us thus go to their discoveries

By Pablo Picasso, the 1912 Guitar is thus the first on the list. It traces the theory of Cubism in three dimensions. The author then made the instrument out of cardboard. Next, Umberto Boccioni's Man in Motion shows the movement and speed of a man. This representation is also in 3D. This is followed by Edvard Eriksen's sculpture 'The Little Mermaid'. It can be found in Copenhagen and features an eponymous tale. In fourth place is François Pompon's polar bear, which has been converted into an animal figure. This is quite realistic in terms of art and has won him many awards. Alberto Giacometti in the sixties brought out the walking man. Indeed, this piece is quite voluminous and has a stretched shape. It was a glorious success in the years following its release. Here are the first five.

The other 5 sculptures in the top 10

In sixth place are Calder Alexander's Mobiles. For example, the special thing about this painting is that it is mobile and suspended. In addition, it is generally light, with simple colours that express modern times. Caesar's compressions are a creation that encompasses several new vehicles. Forming an exceptional art architecture. In eighth place are the Nanas made by Saint - Phalle. In the majority of the Nanas are women of different colours in paint, of course. The size is often varied. Moreover, femininity is the embodiment of these Nanas. Louise Bourgeois invented Mama in Washington in 1999. The height is the characteristic element of this creation. It should be noted that it travels and is exhibited in other countries. Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog closes the series, and is nothing more than an inflated balloon. Note that it is fragile, but can be modulated.