Painting: the different techniques best known in the field

In the field of art, it is important to strive for excellence in order to succeed in any artistic endeavour. Painting, in particular, is governed by this rule. Discover in this article, the techniques that guarantee the success of any painting. The painting techniques that always succeed with water The beauty of any building is revealed by the paint that is done to it. Whether it is a villa, a hotel, a business it is only the paint that certifies the beauty. Since no matter what architectural plan is used, the beauty of the construction can never be visible without paint, so paint plays a very important role in the visibility of beauty. It can be said that painting is the concrete expression of the architect's work. However, in order to succeed in painting, it is necessary to use special techniques. Like other arts, painting is also characterised by very effective techniques. Among these many techniques, the ones that always succeed are those that use water. Indeed, watercolour is a te... Read

Top 10 best artworks of the 21st century

Graffiti through their colour and pattern seduce people all over the world. Thus, some of them are classified among the best. Indeed, several classification criteria exist, but they all lead to a good appreciation of these works. Let's talk about them then for a better knowledge. Let us thus go to their discoveries By Pablo Picasso, the 1912 Guitar is thus the first on the list. It traces the theory of Cubism in three dimensions. The author then made the instrument out of cardboard. Next, Umberto Boccioni's Man in Motion shows the movement and speed of a man. This representation is also in 3D. This is followed by Edvard Eriksen's sculpture 'The Little Mermaid'. It can be found in Copenhagen and features an eponymous tale. In fourth place is Fran├žois Pompon's polar bear, which has been converted into an animal figure. This is quite realistic in terms of art and has won him many awards. Alberto Giacometti in the sixties brought out the walking man. Indeed, this piece is quite voluminous... Read

African culture, the case of Benin

Every person has a history of its own. History that it defends by keeping it alive in its life habits. This history is qualified as culture. In Africa, particularly in Benin, culture is a source of curiosity for European people. Do you want to discover the Beninese culture? Beninese culture through beliefs Beninese culture is based on several factors, including that of belief. Indeed, the basic Beninese beliefs are unique, but listed according to the role that each deity plays. Thus we can cite the divinity of thunder, called Sango, which favours the fall or the non-fall of rain. The major goddess, queen of fish and water, Yemanja. Without her, fishing is difficult. The god of the hunt, Oshossi, makes hunting easy for his subjects. The god of the sea, Olokun. The god of gold and health promotes good health and wealth. The fallen deity, messenger of the gods. She is in charge of transmitting requests and prayers to the gods. With this diversity and specificity, one comes to pray and mak... Read

The most beautiful sculptures in the world. Let's talk about them

Art includes several fields of intervention. Thus through engravings and figurines the authors express their state of mind. This is often done by describing the facts of society. But for many years now, these sculptures have been gaining notoriety. Let us describe those that strike the eye through their beauty. The best sculptural artworks. Let us remember that the common feature of all these figures is that they are immobile. Indeed, they are representations of people, animals and others who had to mark their existences that through a fact. For example, the Vaartkapoen, located in Brussels, represents an officer of the city's police force. Being a staircase, the 'Diminish and Ascend' is a figure of several metres high. It is vertical to the sky. Made as early as 1580, the god Zenos Frudakis does wonderful sculptural work. Indeed, it is carved from a mountain and has an internal cavity. It is about eleven metres high. The mustangs of the past in Texas can be found in the work of Robert... Read

The world's most beautiful sculptures: let's talk about them

The field of art is vast. Every artist expresses his or her inspiration in different ways. Sculpture is one of these forms of expression. It is an art of precision. What is a sculpture? What are the most beautiful sculptures in the world? More details in the following lines. What is a sculpture? Singing, drawing, painting, theatres, sculpture and many others are artistic works. Sculpting is the act of giving an object the desired shape. This object is usually , but can also be glass, stone, etc. To make this art a masterpiece requires unparallelled rigour and precision. Success in this field requires several techniques specific to the nature of the modified object. Modelling is applied to plastic or clay materials. This is the oldest technique, which consists of giving shape to these materials with the finger. Carving, also one of the techniques of the art, consists of removing portions of material with a sharp object until the desired effect is achieved. This is applied to wood and is... Read